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From The Desk Of Paul de Gennaro
Fair Oaks, CA

Hello fellow concerned parent!
I felt compelled to write this letter to you today as I have a really important message to share regarding your child’s STEM potential.

My professional experiences have helped me to identify these foundational skills important to STEM, and really to learning processes in general… after teaching and assessing thousands of students over the years.

So if you are like me, and concerned about your child’s ability to secure their future in STEM….. OR

Maybe you feel your child is doing well in school, but not sure if that is preparing them well enough for an actual career in STEM…

Then this will be the most important letter you’ll read in 2019.
Here's Why...
What if I were to tell you that your child has the potential to be a star in the STEM industry regardless of how they’re doing in school….

And that I can help you easily implement these practices into your child’s every day life without adding to their (and your) already busy schedules.

I’m talking about a simple, guided, step-by-step and highly individualized approach to improving your child’s “STEM Fitness”.

The same approach I use in my teaching practices as a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology for aspiring Doctor and Nursing students and as a grant coordinator for a program focused on helping students achieve in STEM.

Sound interesting?

Hi, my name is Paul de Gennaro and when I completed my PhD at UC Davis, I created an assessment and “STEM fitness” training plan for improving STEM skills in all children.

With approximately 20 years of teaching experience, a PhD in Learning and Mind Science, and raising 3 children of my own, I KNOW what it takes to achieve in STEM.

I have shared the assessment and training specifics over the last 5 years in a number of school districts in Northern California, ranging from the elementary school level to the college level…

And I love seeing these practices help students succeed in STEM!

Now I’m ready to share these program specifics with you!
 But It Wasn't Always This Clear...
As a parent and a professor, I had always assumed that the way science content was taught in school is what prepared my students and my children best…

And that learning science content was just naturally difficult to do.

I wanted to change these outcomes for my students, and in turn, I wanted to make sure that my own children had the best opportunities for success as well! 

Not just in school, but with their potential career path.

And I’m sure that this is what you want for your child too!

Haven’t you ever wondered whether or not your child was being prepared well enough to succeed in life after school?


If you were doing everything possible as a parent to ensure your child’s long-term success?

Well if you’ve had these thoughts, you know you're not alone!

As my teaching career progressed, and as my children started to reach school age, I saw that there were major holes in the way that science education was done, and in what skills students needed to actually succeed long-term.

And very few students are learning the STEM skills necessary for future success.

That’s when I began my own research as a PhD student, and found that there were 3 very specific skills needed for STEM success…

And these aren’t skills that you’re born with or without, or skills that are purposely trained by the vast majority of our schools.

Here’s where the focus should be…
A Whole Different Way of Teaching and Learning: A Focus on “STEM-Fitness”
Through my research, it became clearer and clearer that we were doing STEM education all wrong.

We need a focus on STEM-fitness, or skill development, and not just a focus on "content mastery".

Once I started to implement these practices in my own teaching and parenting, I began to see HUGE difference in outcomes...

huge differences in my own classroom, on my campus, the districts I work with, and in my own home.

STEM education has become less and less of a mystery and thousands of students are now benefiting from these changes.

Students who thought they weren’t good at science are finding they actually possess skills that will help them become tremendously successful in the long-term.

Students who thought they were great at science are finding that they are great at one or two particular skills, but lack significantly in other important areas that they will need in the future.

"STEM-Fitness" is about finding out what your current skill level is (in 3 very specific areas), and then developing a strength and conditioning program to bolster those skills over time.

The better conditioned your child is, the better their long-term success in STEM!
How do I know if This is Right for My Child?
The truth is there's a LOT to learn, so if you feel like...

  • ​you're not sure whether or not your child has what it takes to succeed in a STEM career in the future, and...  
  • ​you want to support your child in the best way possible, but...
  • ​you're not sure your child's educational experiences have maximized your child's potential, and again...
  • ​you want to do whatever it takes to help your child find success beyond school.
So if any of that sounds familiar, I've been right there with you! 

Until I discovered....
How To Help Children Succeed in STEM 
for the Long-Term
Truthfully, there is a lot to know about STEM education…

Especially when it comes to changing the way you think about how “education” is done, and how there should instead be a focus on how YOUR specific child learns STEM content.

Things like: Knowing your own child’s current STEM-fitness level, knowing their general cognitive functioning, their phonological processing ability, etc.

Much like training for a competition, or just general fitness, you need to know what specific activities will help your child reach their potential.

Knowing how to have your child replace mindless screen time, with screen time that accomplishes some important cognitive skill building.

An understanding of summer camp or after-school activities that are the best fit for your child and their development of STEM skills.

Having the ability to evaluate whether the current curriculum your child’s school offers is a good match for them…

Or designed in a way to help them develop lifelong skills, as opposed to simply succeeding in school.

Knowing what my child should do day-to-day to help them succeed in STEM.


It can be pretty overwhelming when you think about it, and that’s just what I’m asking you to do.

I struggled with these same questions for a long time..

Which is what led me to pursue my PhD in Learning and Mind Science, and to start to reevaluate what an “A” student is, as opposed to a student that has tremendous STEM aptitude.

You help your child in every way you can, and sometimes that involves the help of others (a physician, a tutor, a coach or trainer, etc.).  We're here to help you, help your child succeed in STEM.

What I discovered is that it only takes a minor change in strategy to completely transform your child’s STEM potential.

A strategy tailored to your child’s specific STEM-fitness level, and needs.

A program that provides all of the above…
Testimonials That STEM-Score Works
Since discovering the basics to achieving in academics more broadly, but in STEM specifically, I've been able to share these practices in a number of different ways.

Here are just a few testimonials I've received recently from my clients:
A Personalized STEM Fitness Plan For Your Child Will Make All the Difference!
Your child achieving success in STEM, both now, and in the long run will be a lot easier when:

-You have a baseline evaluation (STEM-Score)

-Baseline cognitive functioning and/or phonological processing measure, in addition to a sensory profile diagnostic

-An individualized “STEM-Fitness” plan

-The right steps in the right order, and with a specific purpose

-Having the knowledge to know what activities (school or otherwise) support your child’s specific needs

-Once I found out how to approach STEM content from a skills approach, everything changed for me; the way I teach, the way I talk with my students, the way I talk with my own kids about their schooling… …

and that’s why I want to do the same for you, 

but for FREE.
Introducing the STEM-Score Fitness Plan
Since you’ve already taken action (by reading this right now)…

I know that you understand the importance of your child eventually needing to master STEM content, and that’s exactly what we have in common ☺

Because of that, I want to invite you to have a FREE STEM-Fitness Consultation…

With myself (Paul de Gennaro PhD), the creator of the STEM-Score assessment and fitness program.

So click below to schedule a FREE consultation appointment now!!
So How Can I Help You… Get Your Child from Where They Are Now, to Where You Want Them to Be?
Answer: In the same way my years of research and teaching experience has helped me, my students, and my own children.

I’ve made myself available to a very small number of proactive parents, and look forward to having a call with you and:

  • ​Discuss the elements included in the STEM-Score Fitness program
  • ​Help you as a parent, better understand the difference between achievement in STEM, and aptitude in STEM
  • ​I will provide you some initial suggestions for your child, based on the information you provide during the call (i.e. type of school your child attends, after school activities, etc.)
  • ​With these recommendations, you can have confidence in knowing that you will see a difference in the way your child approaches STEM content in as little as 30 days!
Here's Why I'm Doing This For You...
At this point it’s important to know why I am making myself available to you for free…

And not charging you the regular hourly rate of $300 for a training session call.

The first, and most obvious reason is because this is my passion!!

To be able to play a role in changing the way that STEM education is done, and to provide a roadmap for parents and children alike to understand what specific skills they need to develop is awesome!!

Anytime I can jump on a call and help a parent improve their understanding of their child’s skills and abilities…

Makes it all worthwhile for me and my team.

The second reason I am making you this generous offer for FREE is because…

It’s also how I attract my ideal clients.

So.. If at the end of our STEM-Fitness consultation…

I feel that we can help you and your child, and that you and your child might be a good fit for one of our individualized programs…

I can discuss with you what that looks like and if you’d like to take it a step further… 

so we can work together more closely in 2019.


You’re also free to leave at the end of the call with your step-by-step strategy mapped out…

To help you better understand your child’s needs in STEM, and reduce the stress of not knowing if they’ve been receiving the education they need in order to succeed long-term.
This Opportunity is NOT for Everyone
We can only help a specific type of parent and child on these STEM-Fitness consultation calls.

So, in order for me to help, you need to meet this fairly stringent (but achievable) criteria.

First, you must have a genuine desire to want to help your child succeed in STEM…

This means, you want to see them develop STEM-skills instead of simply “learning” STEM content through traditional methods.

As a matter of fact, we want to hear a little about what you are doing to help your child succeed academically more broadly…

Do you provide them enriching experiences? 

Do you help them with their school-work? 

Do they have tutors or coaches? 

Are they learning any form of music? 


Finally and most importantly…

you must now be ready to take things to the next level for your child and their learning abilities.

If this sounds like you, now it’s your turn to decide…

Say yes, and click the button below and let us map out your child’s STEM-Fitness Plan… 
Here's What You Need To Do Next
Simply click on the button below to schedule your FREE consultation.

Here's Why You Need To Act Now 
I must warn you that time and my capacity is a factor. 

This opportunity is extremely limited. 


Because of the intense one-on-one time needed for these STEM-Fitness Plan calls. 

 It’s actually a physical impossibility for myself and my team to work with more than a handful of people at any one time. 
If You Think Your Time was Wasted, Let Me Know and I’ll Give You a Free Login to Our STEM-Score Assessment  
Hopefully this provides you with peace of mind, as the assessment itself is a $300 value!

Especially if you’re still not sure about joining me on a call… 

so I can help you better understand your child’s unique skills, abilities, and needs in STEM.

And I get it, Your time is super valuable, but think about this for a second…

The worst thing that can happen is that you receive a free STEM-Score Assessment for “wasting” 30 minutes… 

learning about the step-by-step process in helping your child succeed in STEM for the long-term!!

But the best thing that can happen is you decide to implement this well thought out, and tested system…

See your child grow leaps and bounds in terms of STEM fitness, right away, and for the long haul.

Either way, the odds are heavily in your favor…

So it’s literally impossible to go wrong with what my offer to you includes.

And really…
Who Else Would Do This?
There’s literally no one else out there offering what is covered in my program.

And no one else can offer a free STEM-Score Assessment, in case you feel like the information provided during your free consultation wasn’t useful to you.

I’m 100% confident that you will find success, and your child will experience amazing results…

As long as they do the work and take the action prescribed.


Now as you can imagine I’ll get a LOT of interest from this letter because of how many people will be reading it nation wide…

So it’s important that you read this next part very carefully…
Time Is of the Essence 
Again, fair warning that time and my capacity is a factor. 

Meaning this opportunity is extremely limited. 


Simpley because of the intense one-on-one time needed for these STEM-Fitness Plan calls. 

This valuable one-on-one time is critical to the success of your child in STEM (unlike their typical learning experience).

Therefore, it’s actually a physical impossibility for myself and my team to work with more than a handful of people at any one time. 
Thanks for reading my letter today, fellow concerned parent... 

If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires. 

Paul de Gennaro PhD
P.S. If, like me, you have a tendency to skip straight to the bottom of a letter like this to find out what it's all about...

Let me give you a quick recap: 

Your child achieving success in STEM, both now, and in the long run will be a lot easier when:

-You have a baseline evaluation (STEM-Score)

-A baseline evaluation of your child's general cognitive abilities, phonological processing, and a sensory profile completed

-An individualized “STEM-Fitness” plan based on your child's skills and abilities

-The right steps in the right order, and with a specific purpose

-Having the knowledge to know what activities (school or otherwise) support your child’s specific needs
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